Mindray BeneView T8 Patient Monitor

Mindray BeneView T8 Patient Monitor

Condition: Refurbished

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Designed to provide comprehensive patient monitoring while simultaneously integrating and displaying information from the hospital network and other devices. The Mindray BeneView T8 Patient Monitor features advanced technology, three extended screens for separate views, and 13 module slots for flexible configuration, making it the perfect unit for any care environment.


Provides audible and visual alarm indications in case of patient or equipment problems.
Enables displaying, reviewing, storing and transferring of real-time data.
Incorporates multiple input devices such as buttons, knob, touchscreen, keyboard and mouse.
Interfaces a clinical information system or central monitoring system.
Up to 48 hours of Full Disclosure waveforms and numeric data.
Review up to 120 hours of tabular and graphic trends including OxyCRG.
Quick-function buttons
Screen layout can be changed easily
User-configurable quick keys access your most frequently used and essential functions
Backup battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery Alarm Systolic, Diastolic, Mean 2 hrs working time
CF Storage Card
13 module slots for flexible configuration.
Print reports on the integral recorder or to a networked printer.


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