Varian 600C/D Linear Accelerator

Varian 600C/D Linear Accelerator

Condition: Refurbished

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The Varian 600 C/D linear accelerator offers clinicians an efficient way to treat cancer patients. The 600C/D provides an enhanced dynamic wedge mode, which includes dose rate control and precision jaw collimator movement to create wedge-shaped dose distributions. This ensures additional safety and accuracy, and saves time by eliminating the need for room reentry to add or remove the wedge.


  • Enhanced dynamic wedge mode
  • Extended collimator head rotation
  • Dual independent jaws
  • Carbon-fiber top panels
  • Movable carbon-fiber support rails
  • Radiation beam automatically turns off to prevent excess radiation/dose
  • Performs arc therapy in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction
  • Accessory mount for mounting block trays
  • Posterior support side rail and centerline panels
  • Couch accessories include a universal accessory clamp, arm support, and hand grips
  • Offers a high dose rate capability of 100-600 MU at 6MV and 80-400 MU at 4MV
  • Optional independent modes for collimator


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